Sex is a condition of life determined by the fact that mankind consists of two sexes.

Sex is a condition of life determined by the fact that mankind consists of two sexes. Therefore this topic should be perfectly normal for every normal person. Yet things are not that simple.

The sexual state is a state of excitement, which is not necessarily associated with one’s gender. Excitement can be defined in a number of ways - starting with dreaming (when one can get aroused) and finishing with reading prayers.

Therefore sex is a whole complex of physiological, psychological and mental conditions where 70% of the true reasons for the excitement remain hidden and are not consciously recognized, while one of the reasons - based largely on reacting – becomes dominant. Sexual attraction becomes a combination of reactions to the excitement and the dependence on the activity of the genitals.

Given that the basis of this process is the condition of procreation, the comprehension of the issue is largely related to the institution of the family or rather the institution of education. This brings the process in the sphere of such conditions that cause the dependence on excitement to grow constantly as a result of the growing dependence on the experiences related to it, which are not developed in people in any other form anymore. As a result of man’s dependence on sexual experience, it becomes dominant and uncontrollable.

Thus sexual relations become the basic source of energy combustion and in return people receive uncontrollable elevated experiences (orgasm) suppressing the human will. This very suppression of attention, concentration and the dependence on uncontrolled energy and above all its loss become the fundamental issues for all major doctrines which, on the one hand, try to free man from this dependence, and on the other - reversely - try to subordinate this factor to the control of self-development.

Both of these have their positive and side effects – for example, the difference in the energy circulation of the female womb and the male penis. Therefore doctrines such as the Indian Kama Sutra and the Taoist sexual practices, called ‘the bedroom arts’, represent a knowledge that aims to take the place of chaotic sexual relations (which lead to energy loss), and to attain controlled energy transformation directed mainly at feeding not the flesh but the spirit.

Speaking of sex today we must divide the topic into the following aspects of manifestation:

  • condition for reproduction
  • condition for exciting reactions
  • a pastime
  • business
  • aesthetic experience
  • development
  • religious worship (belief).

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