The Universe of the Brain Program: Integral Consciousness

Date: 01/06/2019 — 02/06/2019
Address: Ufa, Russia

The marvelous universe of the human brain hoards all the laws of the Macrocosm. Once truly immersed in our brains we become knowledgeable about our past, present and future. The brain is a very specific physical structure that determines whether we live as genuine human beings, or the core human quality is lacking.


Celtic Brain: The Ritual (Practice)

The Celtic brain represents an effort that unites our brain into a single structure. Too, it can be associated with a special type of rhythm or ‘sounding’ that enables us to interact with spheres of existence that are not subject to the influence of temporality.

The Matrix Brain (Practice)

The Matrix brain is related to the ‘uterine consciousness’. This type of consciousness bestows what we commonly refer to as intuition. Intuition is nothing but a form of foundational brain synchronization that needs to be understood and implemented in practice.


Shamanic Consciousness: Ritual (Practice)

The shamanic consciousness possesses the ability to get in touch with the space we indwell and is also a unique way to grasp the brain itself. The shamanic mindset either controls us or we control it – this is the condition of the vegetative space we inhabit (the integral alchemy refers to it as ‘Third integral field’). Thus, whether we like it or not in each of us lives a shaman. The current segment is based on interaction with aromas.


Daoist Consciousness: The Geometry of the Brain (Practice)

The geometry of the brain is a foundational concept, coterminous with the Daoist doctrine of the mean. It is a way of knowledge, proportion, harmony and a base for the next level – the formation of an alchemical brain. Daoist doctrine requires the establishment of brain geometry as a pre-condition to any further growth. This results in overall harmonization as well as in deeper and finer mental control.


Tantric Consciousness (Practice)

Tantric consciousness differs cardinally from all other mind types. It is otherwise called diamond consciousness or consciousness of the paramount experience, available to a human being. This is the mind that allows one to enter Nirvana.


Alchemical Consciousness (Practice)

The Alchemical or Cinnabar consciousness is formed within the alchemical brain. Its nature is extraordinary and a crucial stage for those who practice alchemy. The program of this section includes the Daoist practice of Dantian formation.



1 June

Section 1 12:00–13:00 Celtic Consciousness
Section 2 13:15–15:00 Uterine Consciousness
15:00–16:00 Shamanic Consciousness

Section 3

16:00–17:00 Daoist Consciousness
17:15–18:15 Tantric Consciousness
18:30–20:30 Alchemical Consciousness

2 June

Section 1 12:00–13:00 Celtic Consciousness
Section 2 13:00–14:00 Uterine Consciousness
14:00–15:00 Shamanic Consciousness

Section 3

15:00–16:00 Daoist Consciousness
16:15–17:15 Tantric Consciousness
17:30–19:30 Alchemical Consciousness


Section 1

  Registration by 1 March Registration after 2 March
General 120 140
INBI World Members 100 120

Section 2

  Registration by 1 March Registration after 2 March
General 300 350
INBI World Members 250 300

Section 3

  Registration by 1 March Registration after 2 March
General 400 450
INBI World Members 350 400

Entire Program

  Registration by 1 March Registration after 2 March
General 600 700
INBI World Members 500 600
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