The Perfect One Program: Tamarisk

Date: 22/03/2019 — 24/03/2019
Address: Lima, Peru
Projects: The Perfect One

What would be more desirable to a woman on her way to self-perfection than the attainment of inner peace? In our age the nature has altered the rhythm of life and influenced our capabilities in a number of undesirable ways. Yet this provides unique chances to learn things that were kept in secrecy by those who, in times gone by, pursued the path of personal development. The Perfect One is a one-of-a-kind program that implements practically the teaching of Integral alchemy.

Tamarisk is an intensive introductory seminar to the basic level (Red Rose) of the Perfect One Project. It will be taught by Master Tamarisk. Being an alchemist and Oracle she practices internal arts for more than 15 years.


22 March
The Way of the Perfect One Introduction to the Perfect One Project: The Way of the Perfect One and the Feminine nature from the perspective of Integral Medicine (Lecture).
Tamarisk Meditation The art of contemplation is one of the highest forms of brain nurturing and development. Tamarisk meditation nurtures the brain through concentration.
23—24 March

The Sacred Anatomy

Any practice is rooted in the nature of the human being. Understanding anatomy is a crucial element of any training method that uses physical practices for education.
The Sacred Sound of the Body Our body is an entity that can be readily compared to a musical instrument. The art of fine-tuning and listening to it is not just a way that reveals new possibilities for us but is in fact a very important aspect of the internal growth.
The Anatomy of the Ritual The ritual is one of the principal means to instill discipline of consciousness. Yet it is also a practical instrument that contains the geometrical symbol of the training. Understanding ritual means also understanding mystery and that body of knowledge that connects the human nature with the Integral fields.
The Way of the Oracle The way of the Oracle is one of the most intriguing topics for many ladies and possesses much mystic allure. Whatever it may be, this knowledge has tangible, physical characteristics that can be trained through the so-called ‘cubic thinking’ that helps understand the anatomy of the symbol. The anatomy of the symbol, in turn, opens the way to the exploration of the anatomy of light and the nature of the spirit. In Tamarisk project the way of the Oracle is approached through shamanic ritual and the practical use of symbols.
Tamarisk Tantra Tamarisk Tantra is the art of the ecstatic perception through the bone marrow. Tamarisk Tantra practices develop the ability to appreciate the highest level of perception, attainable by humans. It can also be termed ‘Sensation of the Sacred’.
Orphic Alchemy The art of producing sound is generated through the effort related to the Eight Integral Field. In our world this is the field of the sound.
The Magic of the Crystal The crystal has to do with the highest form of knowledge. Every stone contains a specific spectrum of knowledge. The magic of Jade, in particular, is entwined with the knowledge of crystallization, or, in other words – with the possibilities that a person can develop within the Third Integral field.

Participation Terms

  • The Program is designed for women.
  • Attending separate segments is not permitted.
  • Some dietary restrictions may apply – please enquire.


22 March 16:00–21:00
23, 24 March 11:00–18:00


  Registration prior to 10 February 2019 Registration after 11 February 2019
General 230 280
INBI Members 190 230
  • Prices are quoted in USD.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.


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