The Teaching of the Immortal Lan Caihe: Understanding Personal Code

Date: 29/04/2019 — 30/04/2019
Address: Damanhur, Italy

The teaching of the Immortal Lan Caihe is one of the eight sections of the ‘Great Making’ in Daoist Alchemy. It is, in turn, subdivided into several lineages, one of them being the study of the human personal code, known also as the ‘Knowledge of the Blue Chamber’.

Human personal code is a sort of matrix that defines not only one’s condition but one’s character as well. Understanding this code is an important practical method that allows the practitioner to use properly the peculiarities of one’s nature and to refine it.

Practical Methods

  • Knowledge of the Peach Spring
  • Knowledge of the Pomegranate Spring
  • Knowledge of the Minor Palace of the Secret Repository

Please note:

  • The seminar is intended for the participants of the Karmic Yoga seminar only
  • Video and audio recording is prohibited.
  • The number of participants is limited. Registration ends upon full subscription.


29 April   11:00–17:00

30 April  09:00–13:00



Registration prior to 1 February 2019

after 1 February 2019




INBI Members with at least six months of prior experience*



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  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.



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