Red Postulate Scrolls: Daoist Alchemy Camp

Date: 25/01/2019 — 26/01/2019
Address: Lima, Peru

This is an academic seminar in Daoist alchemy that explains the tasks and the capabilities of our body and energy as well as the essence of what is to be developed in the practice of Daoist Yoga and further on – in alchemy. The aim if this camp is to explain how to navigate the sea of the Daoist internal arts.

The Daoist Alchemical knowledge of the ‘Red Postulate’ level is a practical system designed for physical and mental preparation for alchemical work. It is based upon the notion of the Daoist Body which is a sort of laboratory designed for internal transformation.

The Daoist Body is a fundamental concept of Daoist medicine and alchemy. It demonstrates the norms of transformation: how and why we can remodel our prenatal nature and realize the laws of human evolution. The Daoist body is a science about the body that should be developed. We cannot cultivate the available body of ours because it is a programmed and accomplished product. We are only able to cultivate a new, energetically improved body that we can recreate within us and this is precisely the kind of structure that the Daoist body is. Only when a physique that we could truly improve is created can we reach the potential of the Daoist yoga and alchemy.

The Daoist body is a scheme, a construction that is composed of an internal, external, circulating and alchemic bodies. The entire system of development in Daoist yoga and alchemy is built around these four structures. The first level in the Daoist body concept represents the fundamental objectives of physical revivification. At this stage the foundation for further progress is built up.


The ‘Red Postulate Scrolls’ is a practical method designed to prepare the adept for alchemical practice. It analyzes the prenatal scheme of the human being, restores the body and establishes the pre-requisites needed for internal transformation.

  • Pre-natal Scheme (Practice, Lectures)
    Essentially, the pre-natal scheme represents the conditions and qualities that we are born with. These can support our progress, or, conversely, be detrimental to it. It is important to be able to understand and accept one’s nature before attempting to transform it and this is the elemental realization of one’s personal way. The initial stage is dedicated to physical and mental revivification and removal of energetic lock-ups.
  • Post-natal Scheme (Practice, Lectures)
    The post-natal scheme within the ‘Red Postulate Scrolls’ system explores the alchemical anatomy and physiology. At this stage the practitioner is aided by the more indefectible nature of his body that has been established previously and begins to recreate his parameters, one step at a time. The main objective at this point is the improvement of the twelve internal and the nine external vessels: they need to be transformed into what is termed ‘marvelous vessels’.
  • The Art of Water and Grain (Practice)
    The ‘Art of Water and Grain’ is the preparation of mind and body for internal nutrition. This process is a pre-requisite for the formation of alchemical consciousness.
  • Developing Turtle Breathing (Practice)
    Turtle breathing is a way to understand energetic breathing, which is necessary for processes of internal energetic transformation.
  • Forming the Alchemical Consciousness (Practice)
    Alchemical consciousness is indispensable for the person resolute to progress in alchemy. To acquire one on the ‘Red Postulate’ level the practitioner needs to form perfect brain geometry.
  • The Art of Daoist Alchemy (Practice)
    The Art of Daoist alchemy is related to the ability to control and guide energy circulation. It is also referred to as the ‘Alchemy of the Red Postulate’ or ‘Dao Yin’.


The camp will not be structured around a fixed schedule.




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