The Art of Brain Geometry Development

Date: 15/04/2019 — 16/04/2019
Address: St. Petersburg, Russia
Projects: Laboratory of Development

The brain is the single most important human organ. In fact it is the organ that defines the making of the human being, his/her development and, most importantly, experience.

Each person passes through the various emotional states of life in a unique manner. We are all dependent on our feelings and strive for such experiences that make us feel good. Respectively we try to get rid of the unnecessary and unpleasant ones.

Few understand, however, that, to a large extent, our brains’ functional attributes predetermine our capabilities and actions. Our brain has a distinct geometrical model that we depend on. The geometry of the brain can be altered accidentally (due to stress or some very deep experience), or it can be conditioned when one’s lifestyle, work or way of studying overexploit a single cerebral region for a prolonged period of time. Alternatively, brain geometry can atrophy if the brain ceases to generate efforts.

The one determined to change something in one’s life and to gain additional capabilities through training needs to transform the working code of the brain, otherwise no positive change whatsoever would be possible. If one wishes to attain more, e.g. to understand the deeper processes within one’s consciousness and body, a transition into a different vibration scale is necessary. To achieve this one has to remodel the geometry of one’s brain.

Different cultures from different epochs adopted a plethora of ways to transform the brain geometry. These varied from brain trepanation to training one how to stop the inner processes, as in Zen, for instance. To turn to a new format one has to clear one’s brain or – as the Toltec tradition puts it – ‘to erase one’s personal history’.

Presumably the most advanced forms of brain training, however, were the Tibetan Dzogchen and the Daoist yoga. Not only did they propose practical methods but also substantiated them.


Practical Brain Training Methods (Lecture)

The commonalities and the differences of the various practical development methods in Buddhist, Egyptian, Sufi and Daoist traditions will be covered.

Brain, Consciousness, Thinking. (Lecture)

Which is more important: to learn how to think correctly or to form correct brain geometry?

Shaping the Brain Geometry (Practice)

  • Fine-tuning the brain in Dzogchen practice
  • Fine-tuning the brain geometry in Daoist alchemy





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