Integral Alchemy Seminar

Date: 02/05/2019 — 05/05/2019
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
Projects: Alquimia

The Integral Alchemy is a system that explores the alchemical processes within the different integral fields. Not only do these form the entire macrocosm but equally the principles of the evolution on earth as well as their interconnectedness. As a result of their impact twelve matrix-type cultures were formed and each of them possessed its own specific effort.


  • African Alchemy
  • Egyptian Alchemy
  • Sufi Alchemy
  • Orphic Alchemy
  • Celtic Alchemy (Ritual)


2–3 May 17:00–22:00
4–5 May 11:00–16:00
6–10 May 17:00–22:00
11 May 11:00–16:00


  Registration prior to 1 April 2019 Registration after April 2 2019
General 550 700
INBI World Members 450 600
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47 Cherni vrah Blvd., 5 floor, Sofia, Bulgaria

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