Seminar: “Daoist Alchemy. White Pagoda”

Date: 13/05/2019 — 16/05/2019
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
Projects: Daoist body

Daoist alchemy is the practice of internal change and transformation. As a teaching, it has been formed thanks to the immortal Zhongli Quan.


Red talisman postulate

In order to work with daoist alchemy, we must learn to cultivate reality; in other words, to understand the conditions and tools of the process of transformation.

Our body is filled with the energies qi and jing. Before the alchemical process can occur, it is necessary not only to absorb the already existing energy jing, but to develop and retain an additional surplus of it. Otherwise, we would remain under the influence of the red energy – the energy, that is governed by the blood – qi.

White pagoda

A special method for energy compression, based on the study of internal circulation. It is a fundamental method in Daoist alchemy. A teaching for the passage through the inner doors. It is also known as the method of Fencing with the white steps.

Seminar specifics

Consumption of food with a lower vibrational level is prohibited during the seminar.

Conditions of participation

  • Only members of INBI World with a minimum of 3-year membership by the time the seminar takes place are allowed to participate. Participation must be confirmed. Please send your applications through the site.
  • This seminar is part of the second level events, presenting very special requirements towards the intention of each participant. After getting a permission to participate, everyone needs to confirm his/her registration in a week, otherwise will be deprived of visiting 2nd level events for a period of three years.
  • A visit to the seminar allows the participant to join the 2nd level alchemical practice group.


To be clarified.


To be clarified.

Information and registration

Bulgaria: +359 892-21-58-21, Write to us

Location of the event

Bulgaria, Sofia, INBI center, 47 Cherni Vrah Blvd. 5th floor


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