«We not only bury ourselves, but also teach how to do it. Beginning with the physical education at school. Explaining it to those who have being nurtured in this system, is useless. And even harmful.» (Researcher)


June 2018


Orphic Mysteries Program

Old Orhei, Moldova


Recovery: A Daoist Yoga Camp

Kavarna, Bulgaria

July 2018


The Perfect One Program

Moscow, Russia


The Alchemy of Bagua Seminar

Tallinn, Estonia


Dzyabyak: An Alternative Lifestyle Program

Ethnomir, Kaluga Region, Russia

August 2018

September 2018


Alaverdoba Festival


October 2018


The Alchemy of Taiji Quan Seminar

Khabarovsk, Russia


Taiji Quan Fan Seminar

Khabarovsk, Russia

January 2019

February 2019


Spirit of Orixas Master Program

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil


Red Postulate Scrolls: Daoist Alchemy Seminar

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina


White Pagoda Scrolls: Intensive Daoist Alchemy Seminar

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

March 2019


The Teaching of the Immortal Lu Dongbin Program

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

April 2019


The Art of Brain Geometry Development

St. Petersburg, Russia

May 2019


Integral Alchemy Seminar

Sofia, Bulgaria

September 2020

April 2022


Indian initiation “Camino Rojo”

USA, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah

INBIcenter for research and teaching of ethnic practices

Cubic thinking

Coprehension devoid of knowledge of the perspective of knowledge amounts to nothing! That is, without going through the experience of understanding non-verbal vision, verbal vision and resonance vision, we cannot go to the highest point of view - cubic vision, and with it to cubic thinking. Cubic thinking is the format of thought, which modern man reached after having lost nonverbal thinking and having never mastered verbal thinking.

Daoist Camp. Recovering


July 2018

The Perfect One Program

5–13 July 2018, Moscow, Russia

Feminine perfection is a multifarious matter. Presumably its most important aspect is how long the woman has been immersed into the process of evolution and not so much how she would define verbally personal development. The foundation of this program is a set of selected practices that reveal best the key aspects of personal development.

St. Petersburg, Russia

The Art of Brain Geometry Development

14–15 May 2018

Our brain has a distinct geometrical model that we depend on. The geometry of the brain can be altered accidentally (due to stress or some very deep experience), or it can be conditioned. Different cultures from different epochs adopted a plethora of ways to transform the brain geometry.

Bariloche, Argentina

Red Postulate Scrolls: A Daoist Alchemy Seminar

February 10–24, 2019

The Red Postulate is a practical system designed for physical and mental preparation for alchemic work. It is based upon the notion of the Daoist Body which is a sort of laboratory for internal transformation.

July 2018

Bone Marrow Purification Daoist Seminar

15-17 July 2018

The Bone Marrow Purification is a crucial alchemic practice that allows one to immerse deep into the alchemic science and is deemed to be among the highest arts within the Alchemic Making. This is so because the bone marrow is the only system that connects all nine types of energy which the human body can experience and work with.

An Exclusive Seminar for Women in China

The Jade Lady: A Rejuvenation Program

7–13 June 2018

The Jade Lady: Rejuvenation is a creative project focused on maximal renewal of the physiological and energetic processes within the body. It is based upon the attainments of the Tibetan and Daoist medical traditions as well as on Daoist alchemy.

Annual unique event

The White Pagoda Scrolls: A Daoist Alchemy Seminar

26.2.2019–10.3.2019, Bariloche, Argentina

This second-level seminar is designed to transform the characteristics of the body, to harmonize its impermanent indicators with those, impervious to the influence of time, and to prepare it for energetic breathing and alchemical thinking. The program will help the participants to attune their physique through Daoist massage and to enhance their internal and external regulation systems.

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Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Integral Fragrance TCH 13 is a scent that breaks down everyday mundanity. It is the rhythm of the ultimate context, moving you from the mundanity to an alchemical world of existence

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

The Integral Cinnabar Essence “Cn1” is a special-purpose product. This essence is produced in limited quantities and is intended for anyone interested in or practicing alchemy.

Man of the month

Chen Xiaowang

Chen Xiaowang

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is one of the most famous masters of Taijiquan in the world: he is the 19th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan and a living legend among the practitioners of this art.