«The aimless existence is when you set an aim for yourself. You set a goal and go for it, this goal stands in front covering all your movement, since you are all subordinated to this goal. And when you reach it, then what? Not being able to live today, how can you live tomorrow?     » (Person)


June 2017


Orphic Mysteries Program

Old Orhei, Moldova


Daoist Camp. Recovering

Bulgaria, Kavarna

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017


Seminar: The Temple of Brain

Basargino, Altai


Longevity Programme

Lopota, Georgia

October 2017

November 2017

December 2017

January 2018

February 2018


Anatomy of Tai Chi Chuan – Program

Bariloche, Argentina

March 2018


Alchemy of Tai Chi Chuan – Program

Bariloche, Argentina

April 2018


Indian initiation “Camino Rojo”

USA, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah


Daoist Karmic Yoga Seminar

Damanhur, Italy

August 2018

November 2020

June 2028


Camp: “Male Code”

Ukraine, Kiev Region

INBIcenter for research and teaching of ethnic practices

FAQ: Education

Answers to a few questions on the subject of Education.
Daoist Camp. Recovering



Daoist body Seminar

Please note that there is a change in the schedule for the event.

"Daoist Body" is an academic seminar on Daoist alchemy that explains the tasks and abilities of our body, the energy and, above all, the essence and support that must be developed in the process of practising Daoist yoga and Daoist alchemy.


Anatomy of Development


The subordination of the soul to the brain, and of the brain to the body lays the foundation for the concept of 'anatomy of development'. However, comprehending this is a rather complex process because we do not consider the thought as a thought. We rather consider thought a certain impulse, which is processed without any effort on our part.

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Integral brain - Symposium

March 28

A lecture on the nature of the human brain's sacred anatomy, the various types of consciousness it can manifest, and the borders they can cross. Initiated by The University of Chicago, the lecture's location is yet to be clarified. Admittance, however, is free, provided you register beforehand from our website.

Upcoming event!

Initiation program Quest for Power

January 18-27, 2017 Colombia, Peru

This is a practical program focused on the restructuring of all our bodily systems. It features classes teaching special practices in extraordinary energy locations and is based on the interaction with power plants and minerals. The use of specially selected ingredients will facilitate the absorption of the power of the plants and the location, which is otherwise inaccessible to people living in lower vibration fields in their everyday life.

Author Sites

NutriQ AromaQ Dao body IntegralQ


„The Perfect One Man“ crystal shampoo

„The Perfect One Man“ crystal shampoo

“The Perfect One Man” shampoo is a unique crystal shampoo, made of high-quality natural ingredients. It is capable of nurturing us through its natural aroma, which can fill up and strengthen our brain by its specific energetic influence and tasks. It represents one very special mystical product, capable of keeping us in a certain process of experience, the experience of the perfect one, and also carrying the magical potential of tuning. It was designed only for special men, aspiring to lead a life, controlled by tasks. The presence of а high-frequency energetic and crystal essence in it allows you not only to achieve a maximum biological effect, but also an energetic saturation, filling you up with power and increasing your tone.

QuantOM Crystal Essence® LUNAR ROOT

QuantOM Crystal Essence® LUNAR ROOT

QuantOM Crystal Essence® LUNAR ROOT – rejuvenating crystal
Have you ever seen how sounds break the Universe and the evening Moon shapes up the light? This essence comes from the mirror land, the realm of the moon glass that produces the necessary light. This is the Moon root illuminating the dawn. It can stop the time.

Man of the month

Oleg Onopchenko

Oleg Onopchenko — Founder and Grandmaster of the International Kolo organization, President of the Baltic Hapkido union, founder of the European Oriental Culture Institute, dharma teacher of the Kwan Um school of Zen, international master of Tong Ren therapy, Qi Kung therapy, Daojiquan, Tui na massage, and Shiatsu.


Dzyabyak: bridge

Dzyabyak: bridge

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