«Many are eager to employ the truth for their reasoning, but few are aware where it comes from.» (Person)


September 2017


Longevity Program

Lopota, Georgia

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Anatomy of Tai Chi Chuan – Program

Bariloche, Argentina

March 2018


Alchemy of Tai Chi Chuan – Program

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April 2018


Indian initiation “Camino Rojo”

USA, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah


Camp ‘Dziabiak: Master’

Damanhur, Italy

June 2018


Program: “Orphic Mysteries”

Old Orhei, Moldova


Daoist Camp. “Recovering”

Kavarna, Bulgaria

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Seminar: Integral alchemy

Sofia, Bulgaria

July 2019


Daoist Camp. Recovering

Kavarna, Bulgaria

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Camp: “Male Code”

Ukraine, Kiev Region

INBIcenter for research and teaching of ethnic practices

Cubic thinking

Coprehension devoid of knowledge of the perspective of knowledge amounts to nothing! That is, without going through the experience of understanding non-verbal vision, verbal vision and resonance vision, we cannot go to the highest point of view - cubic vision, and with it to cubic thinking. Cubic thinking is the format of thought, which modern man reached after having lost nonverbal thinking and having never mastered verbal thinking.

Daoist Camp. Recovering


in July 2017

Lecture: “Integral Alchemy”

20.07.2017, Tallinn, Estonia

Integral alchemy is a system of knowledge, explaining the laws of existence of our dimension. This is a metaphysical knowledge, on the basis of which different theories about world’s creation had been built and continue to be built.

Upcoming seminar

Alchemy of Taiji seminar

21.07.2017 — 22.07.2017, Tallinn, Estonia

When performing taiji forms, more often than not we do not actually activate our consciousness at all. It gets activated only at the first level of teaching, when we are learning the movements, studying the form, etc. As a result, we simply memorize the sequence of movements. And that is the best we can do when our consciousness is still working. We actually start swinging around the qi energy, without understanding its nature and real task. It is very important to realize that this kind of energy will never give us power. We need completely another type of energy. Qi energy is needed only for the restoration of our body, but in order to develop it – we need a transformed and distilled energy. In fact, this is the real meaning of internal work.


Integral mathematics


Integral mathematics is a type of a configuration that allows us to develop the energy of the brain by means of numerical signs - the numbers.

It is a measurement system that allows us to operate with the mass, system and language of numbers. Integral mathematics is a type of a hidden cone which sets the direction of the calculus; it is a unique tissue of knowledge, which allows us to operate with atemproal indicators.

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Seminar: The Art of the Golden Elixir

December 1st

“The Art of the Golden Elixir” is actually Lu Dongbin’s teaching – “The Art of Obtaining the Golden Cinnabar” – one of the arts in the Daoist Alchemy, which lies in the laws of the Fifth Integral Field.

Upcoming women camp!

Annual International Master Camp:

January 7th, India, Goa, 2018

Exclusive women program "The Perfect One"


Steve Jobs and The Brain!

The fact that Steve Jobs had a special attitude to the brain makes him unique. This is actually the ultimate secret of his persona. Remembering the brain, developing the brain, observing the brain was to him perhaps even more important than using this instrument. Steve searched for and even developed his own methods for studying the brain by subjecting it to IT techonology, which eventually became part of his brain (or vice versa).


The Secret Code of Mary Magdalene


This article is based on what I heard from someone I will name the Witness. He asked me to write down and pass on his message. I delayed this for a long time since I did not consider it necessary until I started describing and explaining the significance of the ritual and the Astral temple.

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Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Integral Fragrance TCH 13 is a scent that breaks down everyday mundanity. It is the rhythm of the ultimate context, moving you from the mundanity to an alchemical world of existence

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

The Integral Cinnabar Essence “Cn1” is a special-purpose product. This essence is produced in limited quantities and is intended for anyone interested in or practicing alchemy.

Man of the month

Oleg Onopchenko

Oleg Onopchenko — Founder and Grandmaster of the International Kolo organization, President of the Baltic Hapkido union, founder of the European Oriental Culture Institute, dharma teacher of the Kwan Um school of Zen, international master of Tong Ren therapy, Qi Kung therapy, Daojiquan, Tui na massage, and Shiatsu.


Dzyabyak: bridges

Dzyabyak: bridges

Book for those, who do not know where to start.